Get to the Festival: Rules

To make an enjoyable game, rules should be explicitly explained to enhance the player’s overall experience, instead of complicating it. For Get to the Festival I have created what I hope to be simple, easy to follow rules.


After saving up for months, you’ve finally managed to score tickets to the festival of the year. You and your friends spend weeks preparing for it – what you’ll wear, where you’ll stay, what sets to see. But this isn’t your first festival, you know things don’t always go to plan. Get to the Festival and through the day in one piece, and you might just have a good time. 

Game Setup:

  1. Lay out the board on the table.
  2. Take out both the decks of the bonus cards (pink) and setback cards (yellow) and place them in the middle of the board separately.
  3. Place the dice in the middle of the board

The game board should look as follows:

blank protype 1


  1. Each will player will select a game piece colour. This is what they will use to move around the board.
  2. Any player may begin first.
  3. The player will roll the dice and move forward the amount of spaces the dice displays.
  4. The player will land on a space that is pink or yellow.
  5. The player will then pick up the card with the same colour as the space they landed on.
  6. The player will add or deduct points from their total according to the card’s instructions.
  7. Each player must keep score of their totals.
  8. Each player will take a turn until all the cards are gone.
  9. When the cards are all gone, players must add up their total of points.
  10. The player with the most amount of points is the winner.

I plan to playtest these rules next week so I can bounce off ideas that I’m not quite sure about with an audience.


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