Get to the Festival: Abstraction or Representation?

Get to the Festival is a game based on real life experiences at a music festival. The scenario cards are things that I have experienced at a music festival, which signifies real-life context. This makes my game purely representational because getting sunburnt and winning backstage passes are factors one can experience at a music festival. When a game is abstract however, it suggests that things that happen within the game, only happen within the context of the game and not the real world.

One may argue that my game has the abstract element of strategy, however my game uses a dice mechanic so one can never really control what side the die will land on, thus eliminating the notion there is a strategy to my game. Moreover, all the tiles on my game are evenly coloured which also eliminates the idea of strategy because whatever the player lands on is based on chance, not strategy.

bonus card p2


During play testing and prototyping this week, I made up more bonus and setback cards and begun to score them up. When I was writing up the cards, I’d ask a classmate whether they thought the score was appropriate for the scenario. For example, I created a setback card that read, “you lose your friends for two hours.” The classmate said -2 points was appropriate for the situation. Scoring the situations on the card, as well as writing them all can be difficult because they set the atmosphere for the game.

game pieces


I added small player tokens this week so that players can physically move their pieces around the board so their position is remembered for the next roll. It is a basic addition to the prototype, however an important one because I had overlooked the idea of players needing to move their game pieces around the board. I intend to create more cards in the upcoming weeks.



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