Game Prototype: Get to the Festival

Creating a successful game is important, however it can only be achieved through multiple play testing and prototyping.

I have chosen the Get to the Festival board game idea because it is a simplistic mechanic and music festivals are something I have great interest in and have been to a few. The aim of the game is to get to the music festival and through the day successfully, with little issues as possible.

There will be two decks of cards placed in the middle of the board game. Both decks have a colour that will correspond with a space on the board and all colours on the board are spaced evenly. The player will roll the die and move the spaces allocated by the die. The player will then pick up the card with the same colour as the space they landed on.

blank protype 1

The pink cards are bonus cards (positive outcome) and the yellow cards are setbacks (negative outcomes). The bonus cards have gain a player points, and a setback card takes points from a player. Each player must keep score of their points in order to determine the winner. The cards will have their own scenarios and will dictate how many points have been won or lost.


Once all the cards have been played, the game is over and the points must be added up.

A scoring range will be used to summarise the outcome of the players’ day at the festival.

Scoring will be as follows*

  • 0-15 points – you had the worst day imaginable, your friends ditched you and you left early.
  • 16-30 points – you had some mishaps throughout the day, but you had a fairly good time
  • 30+ points – you had the sickest day to date and you’ll posting photos to Instagram for weeks to come

*Scoring system subject to change.

The person with the highest amount of points is the winner.


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